Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tables (122)

We went all over Fresno today looking for cheap, tall, elegant centerpiece options. We were thinking candelabras, but while they're readily available, they're 20 bucks a piece and we need at least 16. Then we considered topiaries - we could construct our own at home and save some money. Buuuuuuuuuut, the materials alone cost almost as much as a live topiary and we don't want to spend that much. Hmph. We went to Home Goods, Ross, Marshall's and Bed Bath and Beyond hoping to find something tall and pretty on clearance, but no luck...everything is going to cost us about 20 bucks just for the main part (it doesn't include candles or flowers.)

We've also been looking for fabric to use as table runners. There's this black and white print that I LOVE at Home Fabrics, but it's 8 bucks a yard and we need at least 90 yards for our tables. We started looking at sheets and curtains as another option for runners, and did actually find some that I like, but we don't have nearly enough to cover all the tables. Boo.

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